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Battery powered LoRaWAN RTU for SDI-12 sensors - TBS12B


Battery powered LoRaWAN RTU for SDI-12 sensors - TBS12B


TBS12B is a battery powered outdoor RTU fully LoRaWAN 1.02 compliant. It has been designed to cope with applications where SDI-12 maximum range is a limitation by leveraging the long range capability of LoRa. TBS12B is delivered within its IP67 rated aluminium die cast housing along with a fixture to tie it to a pole. Its connector allows plugging directly one SDI-12 sensor or a junction box would multiple SDI-12 sensors need to be locally deployed.

The embedded LoRa modem supports both low (433/470MHz) and high (868/915MHz) LoRa radio bands, which makes TBS12B suitable to be used anywhere without having to replace the RF board.

TBS12B is deployed as a unique node into a typical LoRaWAN network architecture, sending its packets to the gateway that relays them to the LoRaWAN server over a TCP/IP connection:


  • Compatible with SDI-12 v1.3 compliant sensors
  • Supports all regional bands as defined in LoRaWAN 1.02 regional parameters specification.
  • Flexible LoRaWAN settings:
  • ABP / OTAA
  • ACK / REPEAT features
  • Configurable frequencies and data rates
  • EUI and ciphering keys
  • PC application to configure the platform (UART)
  • Configurable measurement and transmission intervals; timing alignment and time zone support
  • Up to 16 SDI-12 commands can be programmed
  • Batteries: 3*1.5V DCELL
  • Low quiescent current: 5-7µA
  • Operating temperature: -40; +85 °C


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