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UART to SDI-12 Interface Slave Module TBS05A


UART to SDI-12 Interface Slave Module TBS05A


The TBS05A UART / SDI-12 module is an interface which can be used to add a SDI-12 slave interface to digital sensors. The module is plug and play, targeting cost sensitive data logging applications. It offers low current consumption, small footprint and easy integration into products which require a SDI-12 interface.
TBS05A is a SDI-12 slave interface for digital sensors. The sensor can write up to 10 measurement values into the SRAM of the TBS05A, which then can be queried over the SDI-12 interface from a SDI-12 master.
The user does not need to invest any time for the implementation of the SDI-12 protocoll and interface hardware, as this is an integral part of the SDI-12 UART interface module.
The TBS05A contains all the necessary components of a complete SDI-12 interface. It includes SDI-12 front-end, controller, crystal and passive components.
TBS05A has been engineered specifically for applications where cost, performance, time to market and ease of integration are prime considerations.

  • 5V, 1200 baud SDI-12 slave data interface with transient protection
  • 3,3V UART interface
  • Selectable UART data rate: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 baud
  • 3,3V control interface
  • Power Down Mode
  • 3,3V, 5V supply voltage
  • Operating temperature range: -40 …. +85°C

Documentation downloads:

UART SDI-12 Slave Interface Module Datasheet

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